Is there a reason for the JNF to exist anymore?

26 09 2007

Jewish Fund Must Sell Land to Arabs

From al-Jazeera – The Jewish National Fund (JNF), which began buying land in Palestine in 1913 to sell to Jews, has been ordered by the Israeli Supreme Court to sell land to Arabs. The JNF owns around 13 percent of Israel’s land and calls itself, “the caretaker of the land of Israel, on behalf of its owners – Jewish people everywhere.”

Please remember, if you are American, that if this organization existed in the United States the parallel would be less like an organization that only sells land to Jews and more like an organization that only sells land to white people – because Arabs make up 20% of Israel’s (official) population (obviously, Arabs are in the majority if you include Gaza and the West Bank), and Jews make up 76.4%. Of people who can vote, they’re the overwhelming majority.




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27 09 2007

why is your layout so skinny now!? bring back the cool date design!

27 09 2007

I thought the header was cool 😦

27 09 2007

but you’re right, the text box was too skinny.

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