MEMRITV: “The Heavy Metal Scene in Tehran”

24 09 2007

I have no idea what’s going on here, but I’m pretty sure it’s amazing.

The Heavy Metal Scene in Tehran: aired on Channel 2 in Iran, August 12th.

Here’s part of the transcript (from MEMRITV). Imagine this backed up with heavy guitar and interspersed with pictures of Gene Simmons wiggling his tongue at the camera (alternately, you could just watch the clip.)

Iranian youth: This is the symbol of the devil worshippers.

Iranian youth: I don’t know foreign languages.

Iranian youth: You should hang out here and see how trendy it is here.

Reporter: How did you do that?

Iranian youth: With a razor blade.

Reporter: A razor blade?

Iranian youth: Yes.

Reporter: What did you write there?

Iranian youth: 2Pac.

Reporter: What does 2Pac mean?

Iranian youth: It’s the name of an American singer.

[…]Hairstylist: Some people dye [their hair]. Some are heavy metal fans, and others are devil worshippers.

Reporter: Devil worship originated in England in the 19th century. It is supported by Jewish and American capitalists. Drug use and depraved sexual rituals are part of the daily life of devil worshippers.