29 09 2007

I updated the “About this Blog” section, which I’ve retitled “About MidEastPress” because I really don’t like the word blog. I re-wrote that section because I wrote it very quickly last time, and it was kind of stupid. Now I think it more effectively describes the goals of the blog.

The most important part, for those of you who aren’t into clicking:

“…as an American I feel that the best way for me to address this gap in understanding is to address Americans about news in the Middle East, taking a few things into consideration that Americans often forget about, including

  • the history of Western interference in the region
  • the interaction of governments with the press
  • the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its current implications
  • and maybe most importantly, the fact that the Middle East is not a monolith, but a region composed of many varied cultures, and that discussing it as a monolith is rarely conducive to understanding or productive dialogue.”